Day 170

It's been some time, every plant made it. But with the weather being extremly bad most of the time they are kind of late this year. It's finally getting warmer and most of all sunny. I've given away some of them which leaves: 2x Carolina Reaper, 1x Trinidad Scorpion, 3x Habanero, 2x Ají dulce, 1x Fatalii. And a pot with two more plants that I forgot to label. Chili surprise. Should be a Fatalii and an Ají dulce, but who knows.

The fastest one is, as always, the Fatalii. It's the first one with a green and growing fruit. Now that the sun is out more often the Carolina Reapers also decided not to drop their petals anymore, but to start converting them into… well, let's call them flaming fruits of fiery doom.

I have also brought one more contender: Bishop's crown. I had them once as pickled chilies and they were absolutely fantastic. Extremly fruity and sweet, but rather mild. It's probably too late for this year, but other plants grew perfectly fine indoors during winter, so it may work out just fine.

Linux USB + Roccat Arvo keyboard = panic

Boom. I like boom… mostly. This must be the first, genuine, reproducible kernel panic I have had in a very long time! Some days ago I bought a Roccat Arvo gaming keyboard after my Logitech illuminated keyboard decided that it doesn't need the 'G' key anymore. Apparently a tiny plastic part broke that held the key in place. On ebay some sellers, more like scammers, sell "three key caps" for this exakt model. Turns out you get three random key caps. Hm, 105 keys, one broke, I get three random replacements. Do the math yourself. :)

Anyway, connecting the Arvo produced the following on my laptop:

input: ROCCAT ROCCAT Arvo as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0/0003:1E7D:30D4.000 2/input/input23 arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0002: input,hidraw1: USB HID v11.10 Keyboard [ROCCAT ROCCAT Arvo] on usb-0000:00:12.0-2/input0 arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed: -1 arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003: timeout initializing reports input: ROCCAT ROCCAT Arvo as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.1/0003:1E7D:30D4.0003/input/input24 arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003: input,hidraw2: USB HID v11.10 Device [ROCCAT ROCCAT Arvo] on usb-0000:00:12.0-2/input1 arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003: couldn't init struct arvo_device arvo 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003: couldn't install keyboard arvo: probe of 0003:1E7D:30D4.0003 failed with error -110

Seems some combinations of USB controllers and hid devices are bugged. Using the mode switch for the keyboard's numpad and then pressing some keys on the numpad result in an instant kernel panic in io_watchdog_func() [ohci_hcd].

On another system it works perfectly fine, without the USB error messages if it is plugged-in. At least it seems like the underlying bug is already known:,

The solution!

What I tried is absurd and stupidly simple. Put an USB hub between computer and keyboard. All problems gone! At least until the bug is fixed which seems to be affecting a wide range of kernels. Happened with Debian's 3.16 - 4.0.5.

The real solution

This bug seems to have been fixed in kernel 4.1.4. USB: OHCI: Fix race between ED unlink and URB submission, commit 7d8021c967648accd1b78e5e1ddaad655cd2c61f upstream. Of course even Sid has 4.1.3 at the moment.

Day 37

After some more time almost all chilis have sprouted. Except for one Reaper and two Scorpions. So for this year I have:

  • 4x Habanero (actually 2 and one "dual mutant chili")
  • 3x Ají dulce
  • 3x Fatalii
  • 2x Carolina Reaper
  • 1x Scorpion

The LED lighting seemed to have worked quite OK. Now the days are getting longer and they should soon do fine without artificial lighting.

Day 17

The most likely final count for this year's chilis is:

  • 3x Ají dulce
  • 3x Fatalii
  • 2x Habanero
  • 2x Carolina Reaper
  • 1x Trinidad Scorpion

11 plants should be enough. Artificial lighting this year is an LED light. 5.5W, 385lm and 4000K. It's a "cold white" LED which is much "bluer" than the fluorescent lamp I used last year. But also brighter and consumes only 1/3 of its power. Let's see if it works better, but then the best light comes from outside anyway so they have a nice place on the window sill.

Day 13

More chilis! Interesting that they all sprout after roughly the same time. We now have the following list:

  1. Ají dulce: 3/3
  2. Habanero: 2/1 (2nd gen), 0/2 (original)
  3. Fatalii: 0/1 (2nd gen), 1/2 (original)
  4. Scorpion: 0/1 (2nd gen), 1/2 (original)
  5. Carolina Reaper: 1/3

Day 11

The first Chilis have sprouted. This year the first was a Habanero. Actually a Dual-Habanero as two seedlings sprouted from one seed. It's a second generation seed so it might have been mixed with something else… Habatalii or even a Ghost Habbi!

Number two is a Fatalii from the two year old original seeds. And third is an Ají dulce from new seeds I bought last year.

Chili Season '15

New year, new chilis. This year I started a bit earlier than last year, almost a month, because the fruits were a bit late last year. And this entry was created on Jan 10th rather than the 6th. This year's contenders are:

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Same as last year, “exceptionally hot”. To put it mildly. But they do have a lovely taste… for a moment. [Trinidad Scorpion Chili]

Habanero Red

Pure classic mexican habanero. At least you can eat them directly. [Habanero Chili]


Same yellow version like last year. They always produce so many fruits that you don't really need more than one plant. Also pretty hot (read: lava) and extremly fruity. Probably the best tasting chilis in the mix. [Fatalii Chili]

And there are two new chilis this year.

Ají dulce

These are supposed to be sweet and much milder to the point of not being hot at all. Still they retained their habanero like flavour from which they were grown. [Ají dulce]

Carolina Reaper

Hottest pepper in existence it probably melts your teeth and puts your tongue on fire. As to why they were called “Carolina Reaper”, one can only hope they live up to their name. They probably won't get much hotter than the Scorpions in these parts, but it's worth the shot. 2 mio SHU here we come! [Carolina Reaper]

Three plants each, I will probably give away four. Should be enough for 2015. They are all planted in their heated mini greenhouse again that worked great the last times. Temperatur during the day is around 28°C and 18°C during the night. Hopefully the first seeds will have germinated around Jan 16th.

End of season

At the end of the summer most of the chili plants are also doomed to become compost. Circle of life it seems. There is just not enough room inside or more importantly not enough room directly on a window sill. The plants just don't survive inside otherwise, not enough light. The other issue ist vine lice which seem to have developped an appetite for chilis this fall. I don't want to use any pesticides on stuff I want to eat, so off they go onto the compost!

I have kept 2 Fatalii plants which have been grown indoors entirely. They have a nice warm and bright spot at the window and smaller pots so they won't grow too large. I also have a new Aji Dulce chili plant which I plan to grow indoors. Let's see how that works during winter with much less light.

So that more ore less concludes the chili season 2014. Final count:: 135 fruits. More than enough until next year.

Trinidad Scorpion

Finally, one of the scorpions actually looks like it's supposed to look. I almost wondered if I had fake seeds, but that's the proof: a real Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.

I also harvested the first larger batch of fruits: 68. A couple of them went into the freezer, some to the neighbours, and most of them got dried in a new fruit dryer I tested. Worked pretty well. Now I have three little glasses with a nasty powder that can either be weaponized or used to add that extra bit of spice.

The Ghost Peppers are slowly getting somewhere. They are kind of late this time but there are so many fruits on them they might even take the Fatalii's first rank on the leaderboards.

2014 Harvest

With the first ripe chilis it is time for the 2014 leaderboard! Most of them, except for the Cayennes… maybe, taste like lava, so don't rely on my heat classification.

The number of plants does not equal those in earlier posts. That's because I have given away a habanero and a ghost pepper.

  Cayenne Golden Habanero Fatalii Ghost Pepper Trinidad Scorpion
  Cayenne Golden Habanero Fatalii Ghost Pepper Trinidad Scorpion
Heat Snack chili Mostly harmless For the mildly insane One is enough! Probably only for the insane
Plants 1 2 3 2 1
Planted 25 January 2014
First fruit 9 July 2014 01 August 2014 20 July 2014 23 August 2014 01 August 2014
Rank 5th 3rd 1st 2nd 4th
Chilis harvested 11 21 52 37 14

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