End of season

1 October 2014 in Chilijournal

At the end of the summer most of the chili plants are also doomed to become compost. Circle of life it seems. There is just not enough room inside or more importantly not enough room directly on a window sill. The plants just don't survive inside otherwise, not enough light. The other issue ist vine lice which seem to have developped an appetite for chilis this fall. I don't want to use any pesticides on stuff I want to eat, so off they go onto the compost!

I have kept 2 Fatalii plants which have been grown indoors entirely. They have a nice warm and bright spot at the window and smaller pots so they won't grow too large. I also have a new Aji Dulce chili plant which I plan to grow indoors. Let's see how that works during winter with much less light.

So that more ore less concludes the chili season 2014. Final count:: 135 fruits. More than enough until next year.