Chili Season '15

6 January 2015 in Chilijournal

New year, new chilis. This year I started a bit earlier than last year, almost a month, because the fruits were a bit late last year. And this entry was created on Jan 10th rather than the 6th. This year's contenders are:

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Same as last year, “exceptionally hot”. To put it mildly. But they do have a lovely taste… for a moment. [Trinidad Scorpion Chili]

Habanero Red

Pure classic mexican habanero. At least you can eat them directly. [Habanero Chili]


Same yellow version like last year. They always produce so many fruits that you don't really need more than one plant. Also pretty hot (read: lava) and extremly fruity. Probably the best tasting chilis in the mix. [Fatalii Chili]

And there are two new chilis this year.

Ají dulce

These are supposed to be sweet and much milder to the point of not being hot at all. Still they retained their habanero like flavour from which they were grown. [Ají dulce]

Carolina Reaper

Hottest pepper in existence it probably melts your teeth and puts your tongue on fire. As to why they were called “Carolina Reaper”, one can only hope they live up to their name. They probably won't get much hotter than the Scorpions in these parts, but it's worth the shot. 2 mio SHU here we come! [Carolina Reaper]

Three plants each, I will probably give away four. Should be enough for 2015. They are all planted in their heated mini greenhouse again that worked great the last times. Temperatur during the day is around 28°C and 18°C during the night. Hopefully the first seeds will have germinated around Jan 16th.