Day 170

25 June 2015 in Chilijournal

It's been some time, every plant made it. But with the weather being extremly bad most of the time they are kind of late this year. It's finally getting warmer and most of all sunny. I've given away some of them which leaves: 2x Carolina Reaper, 1x Trinidad Scorpion, 3x Habanero, 2x Ají dulce, 1x Fatalii. And a pot with two more plants that I forgot to label. Chili surprise. Should be a Fatalii and an Ají dulce, but who knows.

The fastest one is, as always, the Fatalii. It's the first one with a green and growing fruit. Now that the sun is out more often the Carolina Reapers also decided not to drop their petals anymore, but to start converting them into… well, let's call them flaming fruits of fiery doom.

I have also brought one more contender: Bishop's crown. I had them once as pickled chilies and they were absolutely fantastic. Extremly fruity and sweet, but rather mild. It's probably too late for this year, but other plants grew perfectly fine indoors during winter, so it may work out just fine.